How to: Data Erasure


SurveyOptic can securely erasure data for any survey. Through this feature users can manage their data retention and ensure compliance with privacy policies and data protection.

Steps to erasing survey data

Provided you have correct permissions, a survey and its response data can be deleted using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Surveys page and find the desired survey.
  2. Select [Delete]. The [Delete] button is shown on closed suvreys.

    Data erasure 2
    The survey will be marked as '(deleted)' and hidden from view. The survey and the response data associated with the survey will be erased from the system once the system default deletion period has passed. If you change your mind, use the View deleted filter toview the survey tile and select [undelete] to restore the survey back into the system.
  3. To erase survey data imediately, use the View deleted filter and select [Erase responses] to erase all response data associated with the survey. Upon browser refresh, the displayed response counts will change to reflect the erasure.
  4. Once erased, the data will begin to cycle out of SocialOptic's back-ups automatically and will be removed from back-up storage within 6-8 weeks.
Last updated: March 28, 2024
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