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SurveyOptic is an intuitive platform for capturing data, opinions and feedback. Use surveys, consultations and assessments, and understand your results in real-time with the powerful analytics features to deliver value to your organisation.

Trusted by leading organisations and bodies, our experts will springboard your team, with options ranging from responsive product support to complex problem solving and fully managed end-to-end projects.

SurveyOptic Use Cases

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  • Employee Experience Surveys

    Reduce staff turnover and unleash the true potential of your staff with our Survey tool. Give your employees a voice and uncover deep insight into their experience to learn what is holding your organisation back, with analysis that identifies opportunities to improve your business.

  • Skills & Training Needs Analysis

    Automated assessments and record keeping, segment analysis, and before/after comparison.

  • 360 Degree Feedback

    A 360 solution that is tailored to your specific needs and automatically takes care of managing the roll-out and reporting, with a central dashboard to show progress and results.

  • Pulse Surveys

    Find out what you want fast. Using targeted pulse surveys that produce rapid results and insightful trends with repeated deployment.

  • Think Like Your Employees

    Deep dive into the minds of your people, making use of our extensive experience in customer satisfaction and employee engagement to build effective, insightful surveys.

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The Public

  • Consultations and Public Engagement

    Understand the views and opinions surrounding specific topics and policy. Efficient, safe and secure collection of sensitive data for group sand populations.

  • Stakeholder Research

    Discover how your organisation is perceived, how effective your communications are and how your stakeholders’ priorities are changing.

  • Feedback Management

    Securely receive, track and process feedback and manage responses, together with real-time dashboards.

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Service User Engagement

  • Service User Experience

    Understand the experience journey of your service users. Effectively comply with regulations and identify key trends and stand out cases to improve service levels.

  • Diagnostic Report Generation

    Facilitate instant custom report generation at scale, based on assessments. Send personalised reports to employees, patients and customers with no labour-intensive management.

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Business Management

  • Supplier Assessment

    Automate supplier screening and assessment. Automatically send assessment questionnaires to suppliers, covering data collection and compliance assessment. SurveyOptic manages follow up and automatic recertification, and notification of changes and non-compliance.

  • Compliance & Risk Assessments

    Automated risk assessment and organisational risk register, for PIA, DPIA and other key assessments. Complete with approvals management and automated review cycle.

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Consulting and Assessments

  • Assessments & Testing

    Save time by evaluating respondents using the SurveyOptic rules-based scoring engine. Use your own criteria or let SurveyOptic learn your process.

  • Diagnostic Report Generation

    Facilitate instant custom report generation at scale, based on assessments. Send personalised reports to employees, patients and customers with no labour-intensive management.

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  • Customer Satisfaction

    Measure the effectiveness of your delivery, improve customer retention and measure the benefits of your product or service. From NPS to full research and assessment.

  • Lead Generation

    Generate fully qualified leads and gather market insight, while improving the reputation and visibility of your brand.

  • Market Research

    Understand customer needs and perceptions, feature and purchasing preferences, and improve your product/market fit.

  • Think Like Your Customers

    Understand your customers, in their own words, use our extensive experience in customer research and customer experience to build surveys that will give you a competitive edge.

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SurveyOptic Features

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  • Smoothly create and repeat large numbers of surveys

    Insight and data gathering has never been so fast and straightforward! From one response a month, to a million responses an hour. Using 24/7 performance monitoring SurveyOptic scales to keep pace with demand.

  • Fully branded

    Build trust and consistency for your users, with a branded or white-labelled survey experience. 100% on brand: your logo, your font, your palette. No theme restrictions, and definitely no 3rd party advertising.

  • Analytics, exploration and analysis of results

    Customisable reporting with powerful tools for data cleansing, and a wide variety of useful data visualisations and analytics at your fingertips. Benchmarking, scoring and diagnostics complete the suite of analysis tools.

  • Security and availability

    Multiple data centres and continuous back up ensure your data is always available, while encryption at rest and in transport keeps your data confidential and secure. Data is hosted in the UK at no additional cost, with US and EU data-homing options.

  • Automated management and reminders

    SurveyOptic project manages every survey for you, leading to a reliable, repeatable survey process, and ensuring that you always have consistently high completion rates.

  • Privacy by design

    SurveyOptic is designed with data protection and privacy in mind. It is compliant with latest regulations, saving time and resources while reducing risks. Your privacy policy can be added to the platform, supporting compliance and giving respondents peace of mind.

  • Language and translation support

    Accessible to your customers and staff worldwide, with full translation and localisation support.

  • Accessibility

    Reach your whole audience using the SurveyOptic Accessibility features, boasting compatibility with screen readers and adhering to WCAG 2.0.

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  • Real-time feedback

    SurveyOptic is fully real-time. You can view responses, completion rates, reports and analysis immediately, and at any stage during the survey lifecycle.

  • APIs, integration and automation

    Integrate with preferred services for process flow and communications, such as GOV.UK Pay and GOV.UK Notify. Data can also be exported for use in other platforms as needed. Seamlessly integrate with your other tools using APIs to automate data transfer.

  • Embedded polls for emails and apps

    Easy to integrate across platforms. Leveraging touch points and facilitating deployment.

  • Real-time support

    Our team are accessible and available. With rapid response through chat support built into the platform, you can be confident that our team are there to help.

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