SurveyOptic is an enterprise-grade survey and reporting platform for organisations that need to better understand their staff and customers

Employee Engagement

Understand staff satisfaction and identify opportunities to improve your business


Lead Generation

Generate fully qualified leads and improve your market insight

Customer Satisfaction

Ensure you retain customers and measure the impact of your product or service


Skills & Compliance Analysis

Automated assessments and record keeping to take the stress out of compliancy and reporting

SurveyOptic is an intuitive and easy to use platform for delivering questionnaires, assessments and polls for organisations involved in research, consultations, feedback and impact assessments. It offers automated, proactive follow-up, to ensure high completion rates, and generates customisable, branded reports in real-time. It is unique in providing the insight and analysis to support data-driven decision making.


Automated management and reminders

Greatly reduced administrative burden


Think like your customers, think like your employees

Take the guesswork out of insight


Easy in depth exploration and analysis of results

Built in, customisable reporting, benchmarking and diagnostics


Managed design

No struggling with question design or admin – expertise is on tap


Compliance is taken care of

Significantly less burden on your time and resources


Language and translation support

Accessible to your customers and staff worldwide


Delegated survey creation

Non-technical users can automatically create surveys from templates


Consistency for your users

With 100% branded experience


Smoothly set up and handle large numbers of repeated surveys

Insight and data gathering has never been so straightforward!

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