Overview: Respondent Portal


The respondent portal is a customisable module that acts as a ‘home’ for respondents. Here, non-app users can register accounts and interact with the customised elements set-up there. Through the portal users can respond to listed surveys or forms, track the progress of applications, make multiple applications or even create and manage surveys. With integrations further functionality is also available such as payments for services.

Custom portal

The respondent portal is a customisable page that can be built to serve different use cases. Using SurveyOptic widgets, branding from a customer ‘theme’ and outbound links to supporting web pages, a page can be created with rich functionality.

Use cases

The respondent portal is highly flexible and customisable with many applications. Below are a few example applications.

Staff feedback/engagement hub

The portal can be used as a hub for staff feedback/engagement. This gives staff a consistent place to visit when responding to staff surveys. This can also be an effective way of structuring navigation when multiple surveys are running at similar times.

Application submission and tracking

The portal can also be used as a place for applicants to submit applications. Applicants can create multiple applications and track their progress through the process following the initial application.

Survey creation and management

Through the portal users can access survey creation wizards (set-up as templates in SurveyOptic). Using these wizards, users can create surveys, customised to suit the requirements of the group they are created for. For example, organisational information such as team name can be included to aid in reporting. Alternatively, more profound changes can be made such as selecting question sets to be included/excluded from the survey.

Surveys can be tracked and managed from the portal, including response rate tracking, survey closure and report downloads.


Hybrid use cases can be set-up where greater interaction between users and teams/admins are required. For example, surveys can be included which make use of approval flows which offer teams/admins the chance to review and suggest amends to a submission. The output of these surveys can inform survey creation or be used directly to create surveys.

Last updated: March 25, 2024
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