Employee Engagement Surveys

Your people are the life blood of your organisation, understanding them is critical to the continued success of your business. A disengaged employee brings a myriad of costs and risks, and so timely investment in listening and understanding will reap a multitude of current and future benefits.

SurveyOptic will ensure that you understand exactly what is holding your team back from giving their all, enabling you to efficiently direct your resources to reduce staff turnover and absence, increase customer satisfaction, boost productivity and unlock new sources of innovation. These are the proven results of having a team that is more fully engaged.

We’d love to show you how SurveyOptic can take your organisation to the next level.

Our team will work with you to build an employee engagement survey that will pin point opportunities for improving your organisation and driving toward the right culture for your business. SurveyOptic delivers real-time reporting, and can be used to deliver pulse surveys and even daily feedback, giving you a dashboard on engagement across the business. It can also deliver longer, deeper engagement surveys to drill down on critical roadblocks and identify untapped drivers of engagement. Its unique and highly-accessible interface is matched exactly to your brand, ensuring exceptionally high completion rates, even from mobile devices or old desktop devices, and demonstrating to your employees that you take listening seriously.

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