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The Surveys page is often the first place users find themselves upon login. It is where all surveys, forms and consultations you have permissions to see are found. Here, you will find information about each survey, and have a number of quick access options to help you administer your survey.

This page has infinite scrolling and various ways to filter your surveys, meaning that you can easily access all of your surveys from this page.

Survey status filters

Surveys Page 4

All surveys : shows all surveys that a user has permission to see.

My surveys : shows surveys that have been created by or updated by the user.

Open : shows surveys in a 'Published' state.

Closed : shows surveys in a Closed' state.

Archived : display archived surveys (only).


Surveys Page 3

In addition to the pre-set status filters, you’re also able to sort through or find particular surveys using our additional filter options. These will be shown if you select the [Filters] button on the Surveys page, except for the Search bar which is visible at all times. You can select the [Filters] button again to hide the additional filter options. The additional filter options will provide you with the following options for filtering:

Search bar : this is a free text search bar to filter the Surveys page. Most normal characters can be used. Text searches will look in the survey title and survey description fields. You can search by an email address which will pull any ‘Created’, ‘Updated’ and ‘Managed’ fields matching that user’s email address. You can also paste a survey ID into the Search bar to locate the desired survey.

View deleted : display deleted surveys (only).

Close date : filter Surveys page by a desired survey close date.

Template filter : this allows you to filter the Surveys list based on the survey template which surveys are based on. When a survey template is selected, only surveys using that template will be shown.

Tags bar : all tags attached to your surveys are displays in the tags bar. Clicking any tag will filter down to surveys that use the selected tag.

Survey Tiles:

Surveys are represented by Tiles. Survey Tiles provide a summary of key information like the survey’s title, description and open/close dates, along with some buttons to help you quickly administer aspects of your survey.

The surveys are presented in order from the most recently Updated date to the oldest Updated date. These aren’t visible from the Surveys page by default, but they can be toggled into view by clicking on the Survey Title.

Survey information

Looking more closely at a survey tile we can see information about the survey and the actions available to take:
Surveys Page 1

Title : the title of the survey is displayed first. It can be selected which will open and close some additional template, save, version and ownership information about your survey.

Description : the description of the survey is displayed below the title with additional information.

Progress icons : the series of icons shows progress on key milestones of the survey life-cycle such as when the survey was 'published', whether the survey has responses that are in-progress and completed. Hovering over the icons with a mouse curser will pop-up what the icon represents.

Progress bar : if a 'maximum' number of responses has been set, the progress bar will display the response completions relative to the maximum. In this case, the solid bar represents completions, with a faint bar representing 'in progress' responses. Alternatively if no maximum has been set, the bar represents progress through the 'field period' (the date period where the survey is open, as set by the open and close dates).

Visits : the number of unique visits to the survey. A unique visit is counted the first time a new ‘person’ (device on an internet connection) opens the page. Any further visits from that same ‘person’ (device on an internet connection) will not be counted.

In progress : the number of responses to the survey that are in progress, not yet submitted.

Completed : the number of completed responses to the survey.

Maximum : the maximum responses set for the survey. This can be edited from the surveys page by clicking the maximum.

Tags : if a survey has been given any tags, they are all displayed together on the card.

Share : the share button reveals several options to copy a public link to the survey.

Reviewed : the reviewed checkbox can be used as part of a workflow to indicate if a survey has been reviewed.

Opened date : displays the open(ed) date for the survey. The open date dan be amended by clicking this button and selecting a new date.

Closed date : displays the close(d) date for the survey. The close date dan be amended by clicking this button and selecting a new date (this date must be in the future).

Additional information

There are also some additional pieces of information that can be seen on the Survey Tile. They can be shown or hidden by selecting the survey title. The information shown depends on the survey and its characteristics. The following fields may be visible to you in this additional information area.

Template : if the survey has been created from a template or copied from another survey, that information is displayed here.

Created date : time and date stamp of when the survey was created.

Updated date : time and date stamp of when the survey was last updated and the user who updated it.

Revision : shows the current revision number. It should be noted that the version number is not shown here.

History log : clicking the revision number will open the 'history log' for the survey. For more information on the history log please refer to our "reversion and version control" guide.

Survey management buttons

Depending on the status and settings of the survey, these buttons may become available to you:

Publish : set the survey to published.

Close : close the survey.

Re-open : re-open the closed survey.

Edit : launch the survey editor for the survey

Copy : make a ‘copy’ of the survey. This will launch a pop-up with options to “create a follow-on copy” or “create a new, unlinked copy”. Selecting your desired option will launch the survey editor with a copy of the selected survey.

Delete : delete the survey.

Undelete : undelete the survey.

Erase responses : erase the response data in the survey.

Archive : archive the survey.

Unarchive : unarchive the survey.

Report : open the Dynamic Report for the survey.

Dashboard : open the default dashboard for the survey.

Responses : open the Responses page for the survey.

Status page : launch the status page for the survey (if set-up).

Print PDF : create a PDF copy of your survey.

Manage email buttons

By clicking on the [Manage emails] button, you can also reveal some further buttons to help you manage the email features. The buttons available to you will vary depending on the email settings within the survey.

Manage emails : reveals additional email buttons to manually send from the survey tile (if set-up in the survey).

Send creation email : send the survey creation email to the recipient(s).

Send reminder email : send the manager reminder email to the recipient(s).

Send 2nd reminder email : send 2nd reminder email to the recipient(s). Send 3rd reminder email : send 3rd reminder email to the recipient(s).

Send report email : send report (or non-report) email to the recipient(s).

Test report email : send report email to logged in user for testing.

Quick reference Icons:

On the Survey Tile, you will see a number of quick reference icons. These will show up where relevant to your survey. You can hover over these icons to see the label attached to them. Below are some of the icons you may see on the Survey Tile.

Surveys Page 2

Default Permissions : the icon shows an eye. This icon indicates the survey has no custom permissions set, it has only the default permissions that were automatically added when the survey was created.

Copy : the icon shows a number of stacked leaves of paper. This icon indicates the survey was created as a ‘Follow-on’ copy of another survey.

Test mode : the icon shows a test tube. This icon indicates that the survey is in Test mode, managed by the checkbox in the Advanced tab, Appearance section, of the Edit Survey page. In Test mode, any responses will be marked as ‘test responses’, so it’s important that Test mode is turned off before the survey goes live to respondents.

Prefilled Answers : the icon shows a person with lines next to them. This icon indicates the survey contains answers that have been prefilled for invited respondents.

Prefilled Questions : the icon shows a clipboard. This icon indicates the survey contains questions that have been prefilled.

Last updated: January 26, 2024
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